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David's Backpacks for the Homeless Sponsorship Program 

In May of 2018 we started our partnership with David's Backpacks for the Homeless! We came alongside David's Backpacks to help serve the homeless and less fortunate community of Union County. We do so by helping provide for their pets. Many homeless shelters do not allow animals so our friends choose to take to the streets and live in tent communities so that they can keep their beloved pets with them. Each month we provide food, any necessary vetting care, and preventatives to each pet. We are able ​to keep this program running through the generous support of our monthly donors! By becoming a monthly donor ($35/month) you can provide the necessities for one of our homeless or less fortunate friends' pets! If you can not become a monthly donor you can also support this program by making a one time donation, donating dry dog and cat food, or donating flea and tick medications! You can find all of our sponsorship pets listed below. If you would like to become a monthly sponsor for one of the pets in need please click the link to get started!

Sponsorship Pets

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